Washington Business Journal articles

Viewpoint: Meet a quiet, but powerful, force for Greater Washington's business community
May 2021

Viewpoint: Yes, there is a way to balance capitalism with community. Just ask this CEO.
April 2021

Viewpoint: Rooting out disrespect is no easy task

February 2021

Viewpoint: Dialogue on race requires urgency, work and grace
December 2020

Let's Keep Talking
December 2020

Viewpoint: We can take steps to bring more light to these dark days for local business
November 2020

Viewpoint: Fast growth, recovery don't happen in a vacuum
October 2020

Viewpoint: Economic Club talk with Trump is not what we need right now
October 2020

Viewpoint: Women leaders take recovery reins
October 2020

Viewpoint: There is hard work ahead in the quest for equity
September 2020

Viewpoint: Keeping employees engaged is paramount as remote work sticks around
August 2020

Alex Orfinger named new publisher of the Washington Business Journal
July 2020

Viewpoint: We all must question inequalities
July 2020

Viewpoint: We business leaders must take more steps to bridge regional gaps
March 2020

Viewpoint: A strong business community can tackle even our worst ills
February 2020

My education from the D.C. Chamber's Barbara Lang
September 2013

Why Julie Rogers leaving the Meyer Foundation matters
June 2013

Why David Rubenstein is my favorite billionaire
May 2012

Power tips from our Power 100
November 2012

Paying tribute to Linda Rabbitt for years of service
November 2012

Meet Washington's 'Smart Girls Club'
November 2012

Bill Couper's legacy more than his Bank of America career
November 2012

How are you spending your 168 hours?
November 2012

What you need to know about yourself
November 2012

Transportation costs trouble Washington businesses
November 2012

Circuit City's undoing? Hubris
November 2012

Business lessons from Washington's best and brightest
November 2012